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Money Back Guarantee Terms & Conditions

1.General Refund Policy

We believe in a healthy relation with our customers and we will always work towards benefit of our customers. Our main motive is to keep our customers at the safest position throughout their relationship with our website. Unlike other websites, we do not want our customers to fight for their money if they didn't like the services. We are happy to refund the money if you do not get results in 6 months of your subscription.

If you do not get your listing online within the promised time frame, you can simply give us a call and ask for a refund. Usually listing gets online within 48 hours and 90% times we fulfill the promise but sometimes due to heavy listings, we might not be able to do it but in these cases, we are happy to refund the money if customer don't want to wait for another 24 hours.

If you were committed something by our sales representative and you did not get that feature with your listing, you can simply call us, we will try to honor the promise and add the feature right away, however, if on this ground you want your money back because you feel you were misrepresented, we will be happy to refund you the fee.

If you are not happy with the performance of our website and not happy with the inquiries, we request you to wait as the subscription is normally for 8-12 months, if in case on the date of expiration, you are still not happy, we will surely refund you the entire fee.